The Good Samaritan


            Kindness begets kindness, and there’s no better way to demonstrate goodness and decency than to lend a hand when someone needs it the most.

            This is best exemplified by former Las Piñas City Mayor Vergel “Nene” Aguilar as he donates ELEVEN MILLION PESOS to the eleven thousand graduates of Las Piñas public elementary schools, senior high schools and Dr. Filemon C. Aguilar Memorial College. This is the first time in the history of the City that each graduate will receive financial incentive aside from the cash gift given only to graduates with honors. Mayor Nene said that the best gift he can give the youth is education. The financial aid can help support the graduates and their parents in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

            Because of this generous and genuine act of love, this year’s batch of graduates will be more inspired to push through with their studies to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude and will enable them to continue  working hard to reach their goals thereby making them productive citizens not just of the City but of the nation as well.

                Indeed, the Schools Division Office of Las Piñas City is very grateful for the generosity and the kind heart extended by former Mayor Vergel “Nene” Aguilar…a true Samaritan.